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Valve suitable for water temperatures up to 65 degrees C and inlet pressures up to 16 bar

The outlet pressure can be adjusted between 1 bar and 6 bar

Typically these valves are used on the incoming water supply.  Wras Approved

Inbuilt Stainless Steel Drainer

Made of DZR To Avoid Internal Corrosion     Includes Pressure Gauge 

Correct installation

The hot and cold water should be “balanced”. If the cold water comes into the room at a pressure much higher than hot, you may need to boost the hot water, so that you achieve the balance between hot and cold. If both hot and cold come into the building at equal pressure, but this pressure is too high, you may need to put pressure reducers. In most commercial and some residential premises, hot and cold water are balanced at around 3.5 - 4 bar, this is perfectly suitable for Dotolo machine.

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