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A natural Prebiotic that encourages the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel.
Eliminex® consists of a special carbohydrate called Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), a form of soluble fibre, which is found in many vegetables such as chicory and onions. When you take Eliminex® the FOS passes through your digestive system undigested until it reaches your bowel where the friendly bacteria use it as a food source. The result is a rapid growth in the ‘friendly’ bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus species. This is what is called the ‘prebiotic’ effect, and as the friendly beneficial bacteria multiply, the harmful pathogenic bacteria and yeasts are suppressed. This leads to better bowel tone, more regular movements and a reduction in digestive ‘upsets’. 

After just 2 weeks of taking 8g of Eliminex® daily, research has shown that FOS can significantly increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut by up to 10 times. This is why many researchers working in this area believe that prebiotic products are greatly undervalued compared to the popularity of probiotics.


A soluble white powder. 

Nutrition Information:
per 100g per 20g
Energy 646kj/152kcal 126kj/30kcal
Protein 0g 0g
Carbohydrate (Fructo-oligosaccharides) 95g 19g
Fat 0g 0g

Suitable for vegetarians.

Usage and Administration

(1 heaped teaspoon = 5g) This product may be used in one of two ways: (i) At low doses Eliminex® acts as a prebiotic (bowel-‘conditioner’) and (ii) At larger doses Eliminex® conditions the bowel and also helps maintain regularity. 

Prebiotic dose
(bowel‘conditioner’):                          Initial Dose:                                   Maintenaince Dose: 
Adults:                                                             5g                                                         10g 
Children 4 years & up:                               2.5g                                                          5g 

To condition the bowel
and help maintain 
regularity :                   Initial 3 day Dose:                Normal Full Dose:                  Max Daily Dose: 
Adults:                                           5g                                      Try 15g                                       20g 
Children 4 years & up:                2.5g                                    5g                                             10g

Dissolve in hot drinks or sprinkle onto cereal. Alternatively simply take it ‘off the spoon’. Be sure to drink at least 2 litres of fluids a day.

Other information

Allergen advice 

If any of these intake levels cause excessive flatulence then reduce the dose and gradually build up. The flatulence is a positive sign that Eliminex® has reached the bowel and is feeding your ‘friendly’ bacteria. As the bacteria consume Eliminex® a gas is produced which can lead to some flatulence at first, however, after a few days this will disappear as further ‘friendly’ bacteria develop and absorb the gases. For intakes over 10g (or 5g in children); dividing the intake into 2 daily doses, 1 at each end of the day, will help reduce flatulence. 

Eliminex® may cause temporary bloating. This is a short-term effect and once your system ‘speeds up’ the bloating will disappear. If bloating continues for more than 3 days then reduce the daily intake of Eliminex®. 

Storage instructions 
To be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light. 

Legal category 
Food supplement.
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