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High quality patented 3-stage water purification

 Stage 1- Particle filter Stage 2 - Carbon filter Stage3 - UV bulb 
 removes minute particles of dirt, rust and any other particulate matter from the water stream reduces the amount of chlorine in the water  

99.99% destruction of bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts (Giardia,lamblia and cryptosporidiun) at rated flow

 dependent on water use and water condition in your area generally recommended these be changed every three/four months There is no rated life for a carbon filter, the life span depends on the quality of the water.
Water with a high mineral content will shorten the life of the filter  
 UV(Ultra Violet) lamps have a useful life of approximately 9000 hours which means that the lamps require annual replacement. 
The UV light may offer illumination beyond 1 year, however there will not be enough UV energy to provide adequate disinfection. 

Water hardness levels and recommended minimum service intervals  details

Getting your Toxygen BSC-UV machine serviced by one of our technicians will keep your machine running smoothly.  details

Protect your investment purchasing the parts only  details

High quality patented 3-stage water purification

  1. Internal fully integrated cleansing-disinfection system with stainless steel uv canister, easy to maintain.
  2. Kills e.colli, viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, and giardia.
  3. Chemical free approach - no harmful bi-products or chemicals added to your water effectively kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungi, oocysts (cryptospridium and giardia), and other microbiologial contaminants.

Particle filtration

  1. We use only the highest quality heavy duty filter housings with large diameter inlet and outlet for less pressure drop and better flow dynamics.
  2. All of our housings are made from materials that are NSF- approved for drinking water applications.
  3. Many competitors use small 2.5” x 5” filters in their filter systems, resulting in poor water pressure and short filter life, and less than optimal flow characteristics - we use filters with much greater surface area and dirt-holding capacity to maximize contaminant removal, improve water pressure and flow characteristics, and extend filter life so you have less frequent filter changes.

Dotolo Toxygen equipment

We are the European distributors for Dotolo Toxygen equipment, accessories and consumables

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