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Toxygen equipment is made in the USA by Dotolo Research Corporation, which is approved and certified by ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, and CE (European Union), the US FDA, and Health Canada. The safety, reliability and effectiveness of the equipment have been verified in various clinical trials.


Our aim is to promote the use of Colon Hydrotherapy by medically trained therapists. We have been in contact with a number of Registered Nurses who remember a time when Colon Hydrotherapy would be used in hospital by nurses to prepare patients for surgery. This was replaced by the used of chemical solutions.

We feel that given the current financial climate, the use of Colon Hydrotherapy for constipation, IBS and other colorectal ailments would create huge savings for the NHS and possibly prevent some cancers from occurring if more doctors referred their patients for Colon Hydrotherapy treatments

We are very keen to collaborate in research in this field with doctors in the UK and across Europe, we will offer extremely competitive support packages covering equipment, installation, training and consumables for further details  

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We are all aware that Up to 1 in 5 people in the UK develop IBS at some stage in their life. In 2009, there were 14.8 million packs of laxatives sold in the UK, worth £49.3 million in sales.

Around 106 new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed each day in the UK and it is the third most common cancer after breast and lung. These figures show the need to provide colonoscopies as a preventative measure against colorectal cancer.

The FDA has determined that Class II Colon Hydro Therapy (CHT) devices can be used to prepare patients for endoscopic procedures. The traditional forms of bowel prep are extremely unpleasant for many patients and can lead to various side-effects. Moreover, surveys have shown that the main reason why patients do not have colonoscopies as often as recommended by their doctor is because they dislike the traditional bowel prep solutions that are approved by their doctor. Perhaps if CHT were offered as an option for bowel prep, more patients would adhere to their recommended screening schedules.

Studies have shown that CHT is a very effective method to prepare patients for colonoscopies, and it is statistically superior to traditional bowel prep in providing a clean environment for the colonoscope in the transverse colon, ascending colon and the caecum.

Colon Hydrotherapy has been used successfully for patients suffering from IBS and colorectal obstruction. It is a gentle and effective treatment for constipation and for the reduction of the colon’s toxic burden.

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