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How the Toxygen BSC-UV works

The Toxygen BSC-UV cleanses a patient’s entire colon using filtered water. The therapist-assisted procedure is safe and comfortable, and maintains the dignity of the patient. There are no chemicals or drugs involved, no open evacuation, and no unpleasant odours.

The state-of-the-art Toxygen BSC-UV is a closed, self-contained device that is self-cleaning and easy to maintain. It’s built-in water treatment system uses a patented three-stage process to remove particulate matter, reduce the amount of chlorine, and, with ultra-violet light, destroy 99.9% of any bacteria or viruses in the water.

Waste material from the procedure is evacuated through a hose attached to the equipment and eliminated via the drain line. The single-use non-toxic speculum used to conduct the water into the patient is replaced after each treatment, together with the tubing. The water involved is pressure- and temperature-controlled, for the comfort of the patient.

Research indicates that the Toxygen is the only colon therapy device clinically proven to be effective. It is made in the USA by Dotolo Research Corporation, which has an impeccable reputation earned from years of commitment to uncompromising quality. Dotolo is the original US manufacturer of colon hydrotherapy equipment and associated disposable speculums and tubing since 1984.

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