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Buy as you use option

A complete package including machine, consumables and servicing in a convenient monthly package at the end of the term period the

machine is yours

We will supply the machine, install and reguarly service it, we will also supply 40 treatment packs each month for the term period


    Option 1  Option 2   Option 3  Option 4   Outright Purchase 
Deposit     £1'000  £1'500  £2'000 £3'000     
Term   36 months   30 months  24 months  18 months    
Servicing    3 times pa  3 times pa  3 times pa  3 times pa    £600 pa
Consumables    40 per month       40 per month       40 per month       40 per month         
Monthly charge       £140  £140  £140  £140    

Not included the clinic facilities set up as these will vary and are subject to local conditions.

Colon hydrotherapy

medical professionals


clinic and therapists


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