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As a therapist myself, I can confirm the superiority of the Dotolo/Herrmann brands

"As a committed colon hydrotherapist, I always want to provide my clients/students and fellow therapists with the best possible treatment: the global market-leading Dotolo and Herrmann equipment enables me to do so with complete confidence."Shemila Tharani colon hydrotherapist/Instructor/mentor.

The equipment is available to buy or lease. Accessories and consumable supplies are also sold in the shop.

Clinical trials evidence

The safety, reliability and effectiveness of the equipment have been verified in various clinical trials, used in over 35 countries.

Quality certification

Toxygen equipment is made in the USA by Dotolo Research Corporation, which is approved and certified by ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, and CE (European Union), the US FDA, and Health Canada. The company is audited annually to verify the implementation of the quality systems.

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